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The first Muslim app that enables non-Arabic speakers to fully understand God's message in a language familiar to you.

The Holy Qur’an
Made Easy

Listen to the Holy Qur’an in full English voiceover. Easily understand the message of God.

What makes Muslim Life different

Easy navigation through Qur'anic verses.

Easily navigate to the verse you would like to listen to. Text includes both Arabic and English, or English only. Focus on understanding God's message to inspire your day. 


Simple Prayer Times. Qibla. No ads. Ever. 

View the prayer times in your area. Keep track of your daily prayers by ticking the daily prayer tracker. Be inspired by motivational prayer notifications at prayer time.


Get the direction of Mecca from wherever you are. Simple and straightforward. 

Create your own favorite playlist. 

Create your own playlist with your favorite chapters that you enjoy listening to, or wanting to understand. Listen to the message of God repeatedly to enliven the message. 

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Prayer Times Widget with tracker. 

Be inspired by the words of God throughout your day. Keep track of your daily prayers on your Home Screen.

Home widgets are available on both iOS and Android.

What People Say

Sammy N

Mashallah great App! I love the feature where it shows, which verse is the speaker currently at, making it super easy to follow. The voices are very clear and nice to listen to even for many hours. Great App for the upcoming Ramadan.

I can't speak or understand much Arabic, and while I know how to recite a little Quran and enjoy listening to the beauty of it in Arabic, I've always wanted some way to easily listen to it in English too so I can understand it and reflect upon it more. This app does exactly that and in some nice voices too. Thank you thank you thank you! JazakAllahkheir

Love it. Simple, easy to use, nice UX/UI and a great way to listen to the translation of the Quran in English.


Jamel R

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